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The deed restrictions that apply to Enchanted Oaks are strictly enforced by the Enchanted Oaks Homeowners' Association, Inc. with the help of an attorney to maintain property values in the subdivision. Every homeowner should have received a copy when they bought their home, however if you are in need of a physical copy please contact any board member, or print the copy provided by the links below.

Two things can go wrong with a gas light. 1) the gas line is leaking or there is an obstruction in the line, 2) the mantles are burned out. Here are some suggestions on how to overcome the problems:

After having turned off the gas at the meter, let the glass cool off. Remove one of the panels and remove the mantles. Install new mantles. This might have to be done a couple of time per year. Cunningham Gas Products 18700 Carrot in Spring carries mantles for most lights. I have used for several years the ULTRA-GLOW, sold in packets of two (2). These mantles come with the ceramic rings for easy installation and it only takes a minute to get them installed. Follow the instructions on the packet and re-light your gas light. In case you have to clean out the gas orifice, gently remove the porcelain yoke holding the mantles, then unscrew the riser pipe and blow out the orifice and re-install.

Maintenance of Glass: The glass will be covered by calcium deposits from over spray of your sprinkler system. I have found the easy way to remove this deposit is by soaking the glass in hot water to which I add  LIME-A-WAY, which is safe to use and works relatively fast. Stay away from muriatic acid! In some cases you might have to scrub the glass, I have used BRIGHT scouring pads. Rinse and re-install.